My NaNoWriMo 2017 Synopsis

I’ll be writing an apocalyptic novel for NaNo, (zombies to be specific). Here’s my NaNo profile, though there isn’t much on there currently.

Besides the rough synopsis’ below, I only have a few things worked out, so I’ll be plotting as I go during NaNo. I’m also torn between writing in 1st and 3rd POV.

I’ll be doing a weekly update, sharing a few snippets from my W.I.P until it’s ready for posting chapter by chapter.

I think I know how it’ll end, (with a few other random scenes inbetween), and also the hows and whys of the zombie virus.

I have, (a really awful, unimaginative), working title:


One sentence synopsis: An Aunt tries to find her five year old nephew in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

Full synopsis: Even Gwen’s brain, which always thought up the worst outcome in any situation, could never have dreamt something so horrific up.

A zombie apocalypse. People turned into frenzied, cannibalistic monsters with only one impulse; to feed.

And the nightmare only gets worse.

Her sister and baby niece missing and, because of Gwen, her five year old nephew is trapped at nursery.

Gwen is forced to step into a world where everyone really is a danger to her, and it’s not just the paranoia in her mind, to save her nephew.